Zoids original- Episode 2

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Zoids original- Episode 2

Message par helic » jeu. 25 juil. 2013 08:59

La suite (toujours par Darwock sur ZP)

Zoids: Rise of the Dark Army

Episode 2

Planet Zoid - The long raging conflict between the Republic and Empire of the Central continent finally came to an end, and peace was known to the world.

However, a number of years later the united government found itself facing a new crisis.


After several weeks of voyaging through the stars, The Whale Kaizer expedition arrived at the destination planet - "Desert Shore".
Upon landing ZZ Trapper squadron immediately commenced the search for energy resources.


During their exploration ZZ Trapper squadron encountered new and unfamiliar mechanical life forms.
They were captured for analysis, and the results defied expectation.
Within the mechanical organism's living tissue, Zoic-Noa nanomachines similar to those found in Zoids were detected.
Thus the mechanical lifeforms of the planet were named "Genju Zoids" by Bowie and his comrades.


ZZ Trapper squadron soon struck upon a rich vein of an energy named "Death Nume" that provided the perfect alternative source they were seeking. There was little opportunity to enjoy their success however, as they found themselves suddenly under attack. The native inhabitants of the planet, riding in the Genju Zoids, were moving against the expeditionary forces. The aggressors declared themselves to be "The White Tribe".

Bowie and his comrades attempted to reason with the attacking forces, and negotiate peaceful terms for a share of the Death Nume. However, even as hostilities began to fade, a third force entered the fray. "The Dark Army" had come to plunder the Death Nume for themselves.

The White Tribe, Bowie and the rest of ZZ Trapper squadron forged an alliance and fought together to repel the dark forces.


Through his brave actions in battle Bowie had earned the trust of the White Tribe. He was invited to their mountain commune where he became friends with a youth of the tribe named Ziggy. Ziggy guided him to the deepest chambers of the commune, where something truly remarkable awaited.

A section of the ancient starship, the Zoic-Noa, lay hidden within the mountainous landscape.

A remarkable truth dawned. The people of Planet Zoid were kin to the people of Desert Shore, who were descended from the crew of the crashed Zoic-Noa. The Genju Zoids themselves had evolved from the primitive metal lifeforms that had inhabited Desert Shore at the time of the crash. The nanomachines released by the Zoic-Noa had bonded with them and changed the entire course of life on the planet.


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